Kiosk, Line & Watercolour in Progress

Kiosk, Line drawing
Kiosk, Line drawing
Kiosk, First wash
Kiosk, First wash
Kiosk, Final colours
Kiosk, Final colours

This is a sketch I was keen to do. Something about the action in a small space, in the wall of a very big 1928 building. In front of it the most magnificent old Morton Bay Fig.

The trunks are so elephant like, but so loveable. It’s such a funny thing having this big patient tree, with it’s arms stretched out and roots looking like lots of toes spread out into the bark chips spread beneath.

And underneath the busy little Kiosk, with it’s take-away coffees and munchies served all day to  the beach goers, the walkers, the Mums promenading their designer babies! I wonder if that tree ever feels like ordering something.

Decided after seeing so many great drawings being done ( you all inspire me ) that on a very rainy day, I could start this drawing and see what happened.

Decided to leave the shapes simple, and begin the watercolour over the tree to start.

I’m using Arches Aquarelle 300gsm smooth on a block, so there isn’t much wrinkling thank goodness.

Today I have added the next colours, and hoping to centre the action into the Kiosk, but not compete with the tree.

Hoping it works. I’ve put a lot of blue and yellow washes over what are essentially white buildings and a very pale tree trunk. It looked a little mono-toned at first, so being a bit colour mad,  I built it up to the final pic. Mmmm wonder if I should crop it on the left, so the kiosk isn’t too centred.

Let me know what you think!!

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  • Dear Erin, I’ve only just become aware of your work through my local paper. I’m going to pop into Bathers Balmoral and have a look. I found your website so inspiring. The colours you use are uplifting and bright. Keep on creating beautiful paintings. My only question is do you conduct the odd workshop?

  • How lovely of you Berni. So pleased you like the work. I do use lots of pure colour and that’s as I see the world. I don’t do workshops but it could be a thought some day.

  • Glad you like it. I never feel so sure about my drawing. I added the dog and seagulls after the first pic, as it seemed to need some little somethings going on. I like little somethings in my work.
    Cheers, Erin

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