Kayaks at Manly Cove

Kayaks at Manly Cove.
Kayaks at Manly Cove.

Today I headed down to Manly beach to see how this aspect would work.

Nice blue day and the water on the edge was gorgeous as it came in over the sand. The colour was unbelievable.

A chap had asked if I had any originals of this side of the Cove, with the Kayak Centre on the pontoon and the wharf behind. I think he has a relationship with the kayaks or pontoon or something. If you get what I mean.

It’s interesting how people describe a view they like. It doesn’t always bear much resemblance to the real thing. As did this view. I was sure I would see a less cluttered one. I sat on the nearest bench with my apple juice and said to myself ‘It’s a mess’. But after walking along for a bit,  I drew it anyway, with the hope of simplifying it a little. Which I have, and this makes it easier for the planned painting. I’m way short of Manly paintings and given that Manly is the big tourist destination that it is, I ought to get cracking. And if my friend doesn’t like this one, someone with amazing taste will.

That will be started this week, so will put ‘Balmoral Acrylic’ aside while this one gets it’s moment in the sun


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