Je voudrais réserver une table SVP.


Sketch&French. Week 4. 9.30am Monday August 11 2014.

We were missing one person today but we had no less fun.  Today Sandrine would help us to book a restaurant, and how to order from the menu.

She had kindly made a very informative sheet on how to say everything, and we could role play, and make a booking.  We also learned what ‘ Sorry we are full’ would sound like!

There was a wonderful menu on another sheet, from one of Sandrine’s favourite restaurants in France. Château de la Treyne.  High on the hillside looking over the Dordogne River is this gorgeous Château with an outdoor terrace for candle lit dining.

We loved the sound of the menu we were perusing and decided maybe we’d have our next lesson there!

Another sheet prepared by Sandrine, was one on Carte des Fromage Francais.  This was quite fascinating to us as we’d heard of barely any of them.

So with lots of great words and phrases to say, we can feel confident about dining and ordering.  So we ordered ourselves a delicious George Clooney Nespresso. Délicieux

Outside and round the corner we went for sketching.
There is a pink house there which we wanted to sketch straight on.

Rather an interesting mix of 2 level Terrace house with extra rooms in the tower.
No perspective required. This time we can be a bird in a tree looking at from there.

We were running out of time so this was a great chance to work quickly.
As always get your big shapes in then worry about the detail.
Some really great sketches today everyone.
It’s so good to see such results.


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