It’s Up and Hanging

As you come upstairs
As you come upstairs
Looking back
Looking back

Well it’s done. The paintings are hung. The exhibition is ready. At The Bather’s Pavilion Balmoral Beach.

So glad the Opening isn’t till Tuesday night. Time to tweek anything that needs it. I will even arrive refreshed and ready to rock n roll.

It rained all day but the paintings were already in the storeroom. Somehow having the best coffee available downstairs means I’m very happy.

I admit I had a moment as I carried the last of the paintings away from the Studio for the exhibition. A ‘what will I paint now’ moment.

I’m already thinking about an exhibition in the Blue Mountains. Taking a group of sketchers there this month so should find some great rural subjects. Whew. Have to have plans ahead. It’s the only way.



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