Italy painted in Oz

View over Barga,Tuscany Italy 1
View over Barga,Tuscany Italy 1

This one has taken some time. I’d leave for the day and toddle off feeling satisfied that I’d got to where I might be happy. Next day I’d open the studio and immediately look at the easel and go ‘No – not done’.

The lower one is where I’d got to after deciding to sand back. In fact it looks like a pastel work.  This became a good underpainting, while I looked for guidance from all those great painters who have gone before me. I chose Evelyn Page . An NZ painter who used pure colour and applied the oil paint in fresh, confident seemingly random strokes.

This was great. I would become Evelyn Page!  Made a coffee and got ready for a fabulous effort. Well – it sort of happened. I can’t seem to abandon myself  like that yet, but after at least 4 different days when I’d walk in and go ‘Nah not yet’ I finally felt I liked what was on the board. But it’s definitely more ErinHill than Evelyn Page. Funny that.

Actually  last night I put the whole pad in the Studio window, so I must think it’s fine. Mind you I haven’t seen it this morning yet!! Yikes.

I’ve had quite a few visitors pop in when I’m there, saying they’d seen things in the window they like. A lot of people go past early to catch the bus, so I’ve got to give them a change. So now I just put my sketch books there and flip the page each day. It’s easier than putting 2 -3 different paintings every day.

So I’ve bought a mounted canvas to start a new acrylic. I’ll need to have a think about what subject that will be. Coffee needed.


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