It Must be Christmas…..

It must be Christmas when…..

Early Morning on the Cove
Early Morning on the Cove

the yachts and launches moor overnight in the Cove….This is the glorious sight I beheld this morning as I sat out to sketch the soft colour with everything almost in silhouette. Earlier in December a few begin to stay over on weekends. On boxing day there will be dozens and for NY eve you could walk across the bay over them and not touch the sea.

It must be Christmas when….

November Lilies at Christmas
November Lilies at Christmas

we have the biggest vase filled with these aromatic Lilies. So beautiful and the house is heady with my favourite perfume. Just a couple of full blooms today but they’ll all be out over the next 2 weeks.

It must be Christmas when we go for an early morning swim before the heat of the day.

Or when people laugh and sing in the streets on their way home when you are trying to sleep under just a sheet.

Or have fresh mangoes for breakfast, juice dripping down your arms as you dice the pieces.

Or when the fridge is full to busting with the turkey soon to be baked and the ham about to be dressed in Milton’s special marmalade glaze.

Or when the cupboards are full of all sorts of yummy things not normally there at all.

It must be that time again when I stand out in the night air to cool down. Ahhhh and those stars are so magical.



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