International Sketchcrawl Day

Fun for the Kids, Manly
Fun for the Kids, Manly
Alissa sketching Borromini Bear
Alissa sketching Borromini Bear

This was the day when International Sketchcrawl members would draw and sketch wherever they live around the globe. The Sydney Sketch Club decided to make it an event and Manly was chosen as the venue. Great for me as I only had to roll out of bed and be there at 10am. I did that perfectly.

Alissa was coordinator today and 17 people all met at the Cafe where the ferry comes in to have a day in the sun. Thank goodness there was a small breeze as once again it was hot.

The mini Merry-go-round was next to the Jumping Castle and with a couple of other scary looking ‘Fun’ things, are on the courtyard for the School hols. A good warm-up sketch while having coffee and gathering everyone together.

Among the many choices to draw, I’ve shown a couple which now have their colour on. More to complete yet.

Borromini Bear belongs to Liz, and has travelled with her on at least 4 overseas trips, and likes to appear wherever she is sketching. I have one to show you done at lunch, but I loved the composition with Alissa sitting on the wharf with the teeny bear as her subject.

It’s been a gorgeous day and we are the first to complete our sketches while most others are several hours behind – and in Winter. Look forward to seeing their work.


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