I Can’t Say ‘No’

jelly Tip, Going, Going, Gone
jelly Tip, Going, Going, Gone

OMG!  It’s happened again. Not my fault of course. No no it never is.

It’s Friday and the Nice Man in the big truck is pulling up. The truck is so enormous it’s shading my artwork. Golly.

I just know he’ll pop his head in and say ‘Hi’. But it’s what else he’s gonna say that’s my problem. I could hide under the desk, but he’s already seen me.

‘Hi Erin, I know you don’t want an ice cream, but what about a JellyTip?’

‘No, no’ I say ‘thanks but I shouldn’t really’

‘They are quite small’ The Nice Man says.

‘Will it make me fat’ I ask. Hesitation before answer. ‘Oh no of course not, but if you don’t like it you could just throw it in the bin’  YEAH, AS IF!

‘Oh okay then, I say meekly, thinking this might be another sketch. I mean, the darned things are designed to have your mouth water  just by looking at the wrapper, so I know there’s a sketch in it. ANY EXCUSE. IT”S NOT MY FAULT.

‘Thank you so much’ says I, and put it the fridge.

Sit back down and then think. ‘You know, I don’t have a freezer box that works in my little fridge. Never needed it in the Studio. What would I be putting in it anyway. ICE CREAMS?

It wouldn’t be nice to have this goddam JellyTip melt, and then I’d have to clean it up. I don’t like cleaning up messes.Do I!

Oh okay then, just the sketch. Out of the wrapper and place it down. No it’s not that big. Very colourful and the chocolate is beginning to get condensation – as they do when you should start eating it. It’s designed to be irresistable. They think of everything.

First part of sketch started. I think I need to show the inside. Bite the top off. Mmmmmm. Not bad. Sketch that. A few more bites and the odd lick of a melting bit and my sketch is done.

No more JellyTip. Alllllll gooooone. Not my fault. Never is.


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