Helping Women to help themselves

Knitted by Peruvian ladies helping themselves out of poverty
Knitted by Peruvian ladies helping themselves out of poverty

I just adored all the wonderful knitted and woven products we saw on display at a very successful event, to raise funds by selling the handiwork of these Peruvian women. The room was filled with wonderful bags, rugs, wall hangings, clothing, toys and much more. These people are true artists.

There was tasty food of the region available, as well as dance displays by some very talented young people.

My friend Jan is very involved in organising and co-ordinating these events during the year. This is ‘ethica accessories.’ It’s so very worthwhile and wonderful to know that even my little purchases will help families who have till now lived in poverty with no way to get out of it and make a better life for themselves and their children. Isn’t that all we ask for ourselves whoever we are? Thank goodness there are people who can be there to pass on this knowledge and make it happen. It was heartwarming.

The women are shown by people from this organisation how to go about earning money through new found skills. No money is given, simply the guidance and support to set up their own little home business and sometimes a group works together. Wool and patterns are provided and they are paid as soon as they have the products made.

This means families are now sending children to school, are eating better and everyone in the family is able to see a future.

I’ve shown in the sketch above the little blue knitted hat, a very stylish 100% alpaca wool scarf, and 3 finger puppets – Mr Elephant, Mr Lion and Mr Zebra. They are quite exquisite. The elephant even has little white knitted tusks, they all have tails and smiley mouths. Sooo gorgeous. We also bought some Fairtrade coffee and some dark almond chocolate – not for me of course!  MMMmmmm.

All in the name of helping others.


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