Hammock by the Sea

Hammock by the Sea
Hammock by the Sea

This is just the second Acrylic layers and glazing painting I’ve attempted since Italy. Now that I’m painting full time and not beating deadlines, I have begun to explore this style again.

I loved the whole process when we first worked through it with Chris Bell in Barga. I loved building the layers and seeing what showed through with each new colour washed over. Somehow the direction you will go in is unfolding as the colours do. This one has 4 layers of wash and 4 glazed layers. Creating the painting comes in between that and can be worked in, softened, scratched away etc till you are happy.

The subject for this painting is on my daily walk. There are any number of trees by the sea, but these two are on their own and someone has strung a hammock up and left it there. A painting idea just leapt out at me, and perfect for the technique I wanted to use.

It’s been a lovely week so far with my painting friend Glenys working in the Studio with me while she’s here.  She is painting little aspects of French Style, from our last trip. Tightly cropped, simple composition, strong colour. Food, cats, windows, street lights, doorways, people and so on. They’re looking great.

Nice to have someone to critique with. We encourage each other but spend long periods just totally absorbed in what we’re doing. We both talk to ourselves but we’re used to that little habit.

Now this one is ready bar the signature. I am really pleased the way it’s turned out. It has a pearl like quality. Starting a new one tomorrow. Can’t wait.


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