Growing our own Salads

We’ve been feeling so proud of our mini market garden lately.

Nearly ready Tomatoes
Nearly ready Tomatoes

This is a lovely vision to greet one on our balcony. It was all a bit of a try out really. There’s a small garden areas and a balcony around the townhouse which face the sun. Could we grow some veggies there instead of dried grass?

We cleared the overgrown grasses and dug the soil. We stuck in some tomatoes to start and gave them a pyramid stand to climb up. Our relief when they started to grow was huge. Courage then took over and we put in lettuce, rocket, spinach, beetroot, basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, coriander – all doing so well that the insects don’t bother looking in. The balcony ones (sketch above) are all in pots.

Perhaps a little ring tailed possum has taken some bites out of the first almost ready tomatoes, but that’s about the most that’s happened.

Since before Christmas we’ve been eating freshly picked salads every day. We just take whatever looks good and this in turn encourages new growth. We dig all the food scraps into the soil and spread it around, and nothing else is added. Proper little gardeners we’ve become. It’s nice to water them all and see how they are each day.

There’s something so very rewarding about growing your own food. All our parents used to. Now people don’t much at all. Gardening is another of those ‘now’ things. You are in the moment when you’re doing this. And you get to eat well as a bonus.


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