Great Art in Florence

Disney Ceiling

Dome Mural
Not all the great art of Florence is in the magnificent galleries. I have yet to even scratch the surface of the treasures to be seen. But here is the Disney Shop in the shopping precinct I was thrilled to see the dome painted with this ode to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It was truly awe inspiring. In fact I got a crick in my neck.

Window Display This is the window display of the same shop. Everything is art in Florence and it was such a fun thing to see this Mickey and Goofy and that other guy beaming out from behind the glass. It made me laugh out loud. Nobody seemed to mind

Sweet Window
Confectionary Display

Even the shop windows of Florence are art. The bows and ribbons and beautiful arrangement of the sweets was very enticing. And so it was for many passersby. Business was brisk indeed.

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