Girl's Night In. Sept 21 '16

It’s now called ‘Girl’s Night In’ mainly because none of the boys were ever brave enough to venture along to our Sketch&Wine nights. The Invitation is still open chaps. And no, flowers are not a girls subject only!  How many of those did the Impressionists do! We’re  impressionists too and we have huge fun splashing around, flicking paint everywhere.
Not everyone had tried tinted paper so tonight was a chance to break out and try some things in a way you don’t usually do. This is part and parcel of sketching for us now. Do something ‘out of the envelope.’ One of the gals said when offered crazy coloured glitter  nail varnish to dab around her work – ‘I’m not a glitter kind of girl.’ Aha, well when she saw how a few sparkles can make a very happy fun sketch, she took all her courage – and put a few little dashes on. Looked fab. (Thanks Sue for the great colours)
We had a surprisingly good turn out considering several sketchers had flu or away traveling – as we teach you to do! Sketch and travel. Best life you can have. We had a nice selection of wines, some dips, sushi and chocolate. We covered lots of conversation I won’t discuss here – but great to let it out. And laugh – heck of a lot of that! And no we didn’t sketch on blank coffee cups after all. However we’ll never be short of something to drink from ever again.
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