Gilly Spies Some Action

Gilly spies some action
Gilly spies some action

This was fabulous. There had been a few ‘goings-on’ out on the harbour the previous night. Dale & Gilly, Milton & I had sat on the balcony having a last drink before bed – when somebody – we think on the beach beyond – was having a dramatic moment. ‘Love you babe’ were words being screamed out across the water many times. However ‘Babe’ didn’t seem to be answering too often. Oh the stories we came up with. We decided they were trying to get back to one of these moored boats in the dark. Too many drinks obviously wasn’t helping their night vision and the calling out went on for a bit. Then silence.

Anyway, next morning there was Gilly in her glorious T-shirt nighty, with the binoculars, trying to see which boat might have ‘Babe’ on board. We reckoned it was the far one – and not a peep this morning. However that T-shirt of Gilly’s was a vision to behold, and you can imagine what was being displayed to all and sundry on the front. The chaps on the really big boat were out with their binoculars too – on her.  Think they were disappointed when the rest of us joined her for coffee on the balcony. I wonder what action story they would tell later.



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