Gardénia blanc et Camelia rose avec du pain de banane

We had our first Sketch&French class for Term 2 today.IMG_8764What a glorious few weeks of perfect weather we are having. Perfect too for starting another S&F class with a few newcomers to welcome.

To make it not too frightening for those who are new to sketching, I always find simple flowers are a lovely way to begin. Your lines will always look like the flower in front of you if you take a moment to really look at it’s shape.

Adding colour to the sketches
Adding colour to the sketches

We had the white gardenia, and 2 gorgeous pink camelias. Both in little white pots with French wording as decoration.

Of course once we’d had our Mariage thé and Adeline’s homemade banana bread with chocolate, the sketches happened so much more easily. You can see the results above, and for one of these girls, it was her first sketch, and only the second for the others. Trés bon girls.

Then it was Adeline who took over with some basic numbers and alphabet revision. As she says, you often need to spell out your name for a reservation of sorts, so best to know how it should sound. Numbers are always rather vital to go over over and over.

Réponse très bonne
Réponse très bonne

For most people, it’s definitely the conversation side of it which is so valuable. Plus the correct pronunciation. We have a little difficulty getting that nasal back of the throat sound, and we all sit there gargling away, and then laugh at ourselves. It always sounds just fine when Adeline does it. Not quite the same when we try. But we will progress. At least I am positively certain we will.


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