Garden on the Water

Bacchus by the Sea
Bacchus by the Sea

I see the matching Bacchus sculptures at the edge of the garden, with the classic column wall between, as I descend the steps. The harbour glitters.

This is the garden at ‘Casa Mia’, a Spanish Mission style mansion about to be demolished. The lawns, shrubs, and flower beds would once have been much more in keeping with the style of the house. However what is still there is enough to give a hint of what used to be.

Once the house sketch is done, I turn to look out across the water and enjoy the view as family and friends of this waterside home would have done.  The warm sun gives me a little shiver.  The shadows are cool. But I am miles away. Thinking of former days. In fact  this reminds me of a home we had on the water a few years ago ourselves, where good friends will remember some wonderful times in the garden. I am transported. But snap to it, a drawing needs to be done.

I leave, heading back up the steps, looking back a couple of times, and then back to reality. I’ve enjoyed my morning in days gone by, with a couple of drawings to remember ‘Casa Mia.’



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  • Hi Erin, i love that you have been taking notice of things around Manly & especially that you paint them, so that your visions are recorded. You have a talent for this & it is nice to see you still have a liking for things with old world charm. In particular, one of your subjects 3 Oyama Ave; is a property that was dear to me & my family from the early 80’s, up until around 2002, when it was sold unfortunately, due to some deaths in our family. We spent a lot of quality time relaxing or working with family there, & the happy memories will never fade. Thank you for sharing your work. Hope you continue to find inspiration, and reasosn to smile often!

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