Friday Class July 20. Fruit, Flowers & Cafe Sketches

Friday Class, Flowers Fruit still life
Friday Class, Flowers Fruit still life
Lunch & Sketch Cafe La Bas
Lunch & Sketch Cafe La Bas
Cafe la Bas sketches
Cafe La Bas sketches

The first Friday class and a beautiful day. Not as chilly as yesterday so we could leave our jackets in the Studio.

The still life was similar to Thursday’s class on one table, and all fruit on the other. This was Leonie’s first class and she bravely launched in and did a great first sketch in no time. Margaret was new to our regular classes having had private lessons with me before, so she also was happy to set a cracking pace for herself. Monica was on her final sketch day before returning home to Capetown in a week or so, and was keen to try watercolour on her sketches. Robbie is back without her plaster cast so was very happy to have a free arm again. Mind you it hasn’t held her back at all. Annie joined us at the end of Term 2 and is thrilled to be here for all of this one. Her use of coloured pencil and waterbrush is delightful.

We had a watercolour demo once everyone had a sketch ready to go. We’ll do another next week so that people can see how to get your colours wet first, then mix in the lid of your tiny travel set. Getting the amount of water right is important. Water is your saviour. It can wash off colour, make it lighter or tidy up a hard edge. With tissue in hand you can do anything.

Across the park with Robbie’s sausage dog trying to match our pace was next. Somehow our big table at Cafe La Bas was waiting for us. Fab soup for me, as sketchable plates arrived, oh and a flat white to start. We all pounce on our coffee. Quite a few food sketches emerged, and Leonie chose a line up of cake displays, while Annie took on the whole display. A lot of laughs today, as always. So good for us all.




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