Fresh Lemons & Vine Tomatoes


A lovely bright day for Out & About Sketching. This is Term 2.  Already!

Everybody was excited to be back sketching again, and catching up on what the others had been doing.



We welcomed 2 new sketchers to our Thursday class, and one intrepid traveller returning with a sketchbook bursting with sketches of India.

Some have swapped classes. Others are away travelling.

But a very happy group we are.

Before long all fears of starting first sketches are gone.

To make it a soft start to Term 2, I decided a bowl of  red vine tomatoes and another of glossy lemons would be a good way to ease back into observation and connecting shapes.

It was very pleasing to see everyone complete both sketches in the time allowed. Very helpful to be able to get your sketch done in whatever time you have.

On the way down Sydney Rd are some very steep steps and stairs all with their own personalities.

Steps are not as straight forward as they first appear.

There is perspective and they narrow as they go away from you.

We managed to see the important angles and corners and you’ll see that in the sketches.

Thursday at Cafe La Bas
Thursday at Cafe La Bas

IMG_8798IMG_8801Time to take our table at Cafe La Bas and complete our work, or perhaps try your coffee as a quick sketch. These were fun.

We finished with a visit to Raglan Gallery along the way to show off Karen’s paintings in the exhibition on at the moment.

We’re very impressed with the abstract paintings she’s done and the colour of course.

Checking out the small artworks at Raglan Gallery
Checking out the small artworks at Raglan Gallery


Another fab day.

How lucky we are to get the first classes out in the sun at this time of year.

Soon it’ll be time for a raincoat and umbrella but luckily not yet.

Two lovely new sketchers today, and as I’m explaining I’m hoping everyone is taking it on board.

As I go and see each person, it looks like they are.


The lemon sketches are all a delight, each one in it’s own unique style.

The vine tomatoes all look very much like tomatoes and that’s all we ask. It’s not having it’s portrait done and we don’t try for ‘perfect’. We like personality here.

The steps are a good way to hone one’s observation skills before getting any lines down.

Where is your focus? Where are you taking us once up those steps. Check the shadows and the light.

You have a few black lines on a page so you need to establish the lights and darks or it won’t come to life.

Separate tables. Cafe La Bas
Separate tables. Cafe La Bas
Seeing what each other has done.
Seeing what each other has done.
We've worked up an appetite
We’ve worked up an appetite

Into the cafe we go. Much catching up and finishing of work between bites.

A few coffee sketches done – to add to all ones we’ve yet to do in other cafes.

Lovely to have Liz drop in and see what we’d been doing.

She’s making sure all her locations for next week’s Sketch Technique class are in the right light.

Knowing Liz, she’ll move the sun to where she wants it. As you do.



Still a fine day, and stayed that way till we were done.

Some people were new and two are regular ‘casuals’, but everyone benefits from being reminded how to visually measure and where to start your sketch.


Some did lemons and others did tomatoes. I try to let people finish at least one when they are new to this.

We use layered watercolour pencils for the first few classes, and touch it up with the waterbrush.

As I tell them, next week we’ll speed it up.

Steps would be more difficult for the group, so it was gates for today.

Still a little perspective, and light and dark, but however it was treated, you had something you’d be pleased with.

Before dashing off to lunch we stopped in the park and did a tree.

A beautiful red toned one, with clear branch shapes to sketch.

Let me show you this one. Cafe La Bas
Let me show you this one. Cafe La Bas

Then we felt we’d earned our coffee and lunch at Cafe La bas.

Here we did a few coffee cups, light fittings, pink water bottles and anything else that grabbed our attention.

Once again everyone is so caught up in sketching we continue on before remembering to eat.

A really great week everybody and some very inspiring sketches, many of you for the first time.

More challenges next week and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.


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