Frame the Baby’s Name

Name in a Frame
SweetP Gifts Nameframe

Isn’t this just the cutest!

We have a new baby in our family. A dear little Rugby player. Or a poet. Or both.

What gift could we give? More teddy bears (koalas,) more little fashion outfits, some classic beatrix Potter, some gold ingots?  Then I remembered these wonderful illustrations done by one of New Zealand’s best illustrators.

Onto the website and flipped through the choices which all looked so good, and you get to see the name as a sample before the end.  I wanted to eat those little characters. No I’m not the Wicked Witch from the North ( maybe the South!) Ours is a cute but unusual name and it’s coming in a blue frame. I liked the green too, but decided on blue. Each letter comes with a funny little rhyme underneath, and some have a choice depending on what you think best suits the child.

There is also an Alphabet Print which can go with it.  Just so the little chap learns all the other letters he doesn’t have in his name. I hope he likes it.


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