Food is Art

Exotic fruits
Exotic fruits
Exotic fruit salad
Exotic fruit salad

I was to do the fruit for our Christmas Lunch at Mark and Carolyn’s. The selection of gorgeous stuff available at our local food market is stunning. In fact I couldn’t have fitted everything in the old crystal bowl if I’d purchased another thing.

There is the exotic Dragon fruit, which is the richest red inside with tiny black seeds. The pomegranite too adds a little sharpness. of course we have strawberries, kiwifruit, raspberries, blueberries and mango.

Yummmmmm. You should have seen us all chowing down, with Roses’s famous trifle, and the perfect wine chosen by Chris. I don’t think anyone remembered to stop at 80% full, which is apparently the answer to not being a fat little piggie. Oh well, next time.

I should just mention that the turkey Mark cooked was about the best I’ve ever tasted, The stuffing really topped it off. Definitely went past the 80% full bit. But smiling in happiness. That turkey would have been proud.

Food of course, makes a fabulous Sketch subject. How many times has a dish been placed before you which LOOKS such a tasty composition you’d like to hold the memory. Try a quick sketch. You will be delighted later.

Food sketching is part of my Travel Sketching courses. We sketch High Tea at Laduree in Paris, and Bathers’ Pavilion in Sydney.

‘Sketch your Cake’ is a monthly sketch class held at Bather’s Pavilion, Balmoral Beach on the last Tuesday of every month. Check the above Menu Bar for more info. Bon Appetite everyone.

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