First Sketch for the Class

First Sketch of the Day
First Sketch of the Day

Everyone seems to need to get the pen, paper and head working to start a session.

Like any class, it takes a moment to leave all the hurley-burley of the morning behind and settle into that first sketch – and relax. We started with a bit of discussion about observing the subject, breaking it down into shapes, and visually measuring height, width etc.

So while the others sketch I like to do a very fast one of the setup. I then have something to show at lunch to put colour onto. Everyone produced very pleasing sketches from our wander along the streets to the seaside.

We added a bit of colour after I’d shown some techniques, had our lunch and felt quite satisfied with our results.

Next week – rooftops and chimneys.

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  • I love your drawings. They seem so ‘relaxed’ for lack of a better word. I am trying to not be so stiff, so rigid…maybe ‘uptight’? I think I’m worrying about the need for it to be perfect.
    I’m looking forward to more.

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