First Oil Painting in 10 yrs

First Oil Painting in 10 yrears. Italy
First Oil Painting in 10 yrears. Italy

How bout this! The studio of Bruno Cordati is where we worked on either internal or external views. For some reason I thought I would be working in my usual watercolour, but Chris supplies all 9 painters with absolutely all materials, and we work on a different medium every day. It’s fab.

I knew I’d be getting outside my comfort zone anyway, but this was truly pushing into old memories. We did the sketch of the composition to work from and launched in. Moi of course, who swore not to go for the big vista, ends up with a cluster of teeny roofops out there. I think I’m still working like a watercolourist, or so Chris observed. I am deciding where to put the edge of the window (on left) before my viewers fall off the edge of the painting, down 6 levels and kill themselves.

Studio of  Bruno Cordati
Studio of Bruno Cordati

Isn’t this extraordinary. I adored the Palazzo Cordati which it is now being restored and has become an Arts and Cultural Centre.  The Grandson is curating the permanent exhibition within the building. The opera singers were rehearsing somewhere below for the recitals they do for 80 or so people in the Salon.

Erin in Cordati's Studio
Erin in Cordati's Studio

Looking pretty pleased to be here. I will put the URL up when I get organised. He’d painted the studio completely in his soft colour and figures. He even painted a chap with a big hammer which looks like people get donged on the head as they come up the stairs.


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