Fireworks for the Kids & Us

Fireworks for the kids and us
Fireworks for the kids and us

Oh what a night!  We didn’t see these last year being in the snow, but today energy and excitement are hanging in the air.

Sydney has 2 Fireworks displays on NYE. The 9pm one is for kids and those of us over a certain age. If you are any age in between you find a spot where the bridge is in view and wait for the midnight show.

Virginia & Winston share dinner on our balcony. Manly is where one of the many barges anchor with a few million dollars of pyrotechnics stacked on it’s deck like an enormous pile of Christmas presents. We can’t see the bridge from here, but the trick is to have the TV on and see that show while watching our live one out front.

9pm sharp and the 2 dogs are rigid. Into the laundry they go. Champagne glasses are raised to the world. Wooooooooo, woooowwwwww, ooooooooh, aaaaahhhh, can be heard all around. Spectacular. Unbelievable. I could be a kid again. A moment in time. Exhilarating. 20 mins of fantasy.

Time for coffee and desert wine, as we contemplate the scene. The nightclubs are pumping and people are out and about chatting and laughing. But round here it’s a big flop in front of television to watch the midnight show. Easy.

Today is a perfect summer’s day. Joanna & Olivier are returning to Manly via uncle Bruce’s yacht, ‘Kia Kaha. ‘ We can see them coming past the heads. The cicadas are singing, everyone is enjoying the sun, water, and great times. Not a care in the world – today.


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