Finally to Trausse-Minervois

From the doorway of Summer Kitchen
From the doorway of Summer Kitchen
Under the wisteria where lunch is partaken
Under the wisteria where lunch is partaken

It was soooo good to arrive in Trausse again. Quick Easyjet to Toulousse, grab the rental and 1 1/2 hrs later we pull into the village parking under the plane trees, where those pesky birds plan to decorate our polished Renault. It felt like coming home.

Thankfully Marilyn and Steve had dinner ready so we dropped our bags in the Summer Kitchen and  hurried along the stoney pathway past all the full bloom roses, and upstairs to join the others, and meet Wendy who is doing the most wonderful wines tours. Vital to take one of these while you are here.

We had an excellent nights sleep and were up early for one of Steve’s hikes through the vines and high into the hills, past a 12thc burial site, rural homesteads, orchards and after a few hours back for lunch. It was hot.

I’ve sketched the spot under the wisteria where we have our baguette, cheese, fruit and wine. it was 30 and degrees so here it’s cooler. It’s one of my favourite places in the world. Sitting here or on the old iron bed and absorbing the peace and quiet.

This is the first time I’ve actually sketched it. Usually I photograph it and hope I’ve captured my feelings on film. But this time I was planning a painting. The climbing rose is so exquisite and the colour so dramatic I wanted to give it a go, so did 2 sketches and then would decide which composition would work.

You will know soon enough which one it is.


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