Est-ce-que je peux gouter le fromage svp

We are learning to say this quite often now. Can I try the chocolate, the cheese, the waffles, s’il vous plaît ?IMG_7993IMG_7986This was our ‘cheese’ and ‘at the restaurant’ day at Sketch&French. It was also the day Amy, a writer with WeekendNotes had accepted our invitation to find out about our classes, and would be visiting. See her published article here.

We set up a selection of cheeses, hand made by Sue Meagher, one of our class mates. Sue runs cheesemaking workshops and had offered to bring a few along to sketch & taste.

Adeline had bought a lovely long baguette to set the scene. So for two people who hadn’t sketched before, this was a chance to see how they’d surprise themselves after spending a few moments summing up the shapes. And as you’ll see from the pic below – very satisfying sketches from everybody.IMG_7982

Wet then listened carefully to Adeline as she helped us with the sort of phrases we’d need when in a restaurant. She then listened to us as we asked or answered questions, helping with our pronunciation.

As class came to a close, much chatting and trying of cheeses, baguettes and grapes was happening. We were tasting bleu, camembert and havarti – all just so delicious.

Amy had taken lots of notes during class, as she also sketched and listened to the phrases we were hoping made sense.

The best part of the day is that you’ve all learned some new skills to take with you wherever you go. More next time.


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