End of One & A New One Starts.

So it’s the end of the year.  Lots of lovely fireworks and champagne.

Possibly some NY resolutions!  Bonding with family and doing touristy things

Lots of re-capping of events going on in the news and media. But not for us.

Yes to the champagne.

No to too much looking back.

We like to look ahead.

Learn from the past but use it to advance ourselves on the next adventure.

In effect that’s what we do with our sketching.

Over the year we master many of the skills of Travel Sketching.

And there’s always more to learn and new ideas to be excited by.

Right now we’re working on creating even more helpful learning structures for every lesson over the next year.

This way you’ll  know every week what you’re aiming for and how to go about achieving it.

So go out and celebrate all that we’ve learned and all that’s yet to come.

It’s going to be exciting.

Happy Sketching all.

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