Eiffel, Notre Dame and Seine – final version

Eiffel, Notre Dame & Seine - Acrylic on Paper
Eiffel, Notre Dame & Seine – Acrylic on Paper
Original Drawing in Sketchbook
Original Drawing in Sketchbook

When I walked into the studio on Saturday morning, I decided this needed just a touch more work. I should say again that this painting is based on the very popular little sketch, ‘Eiffel Tour, Notre dame and the Seine.

I’ve been in New Zealand for a week, and have some sketches yet to post, but wanted to tidy up the ‘Seine’ painting and get it on the wall. If it’s signed and on the wall – it’s done. No more fiddling. Nope, stop, smack hand!!!

The sky and the water were too similar. Too blue. The Seine is more green than that, so we worked on that. And the 2nd bridge was bugging me, so I took it out. That’s ok because now you can see the Plane trees lining Quai de la Tournelle.

Image size is 530 X 350mm or 21 X 14 inches.  Hope you like it. At this stage, still available.

©ErinHill 2010

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