Sketches from Rhone-Alpes, France

Bridge over Canal
Bridge over Canal
Back Alley Chanaz
Back Alley Chanaz

Here we are in our next location. Jackie ( French Escapades ) is an amazing organiser and this is the first location she found for us in the Rhone-Alpes.

We are staying in a gorgeous old villa, with huge high ceilings, massive old fireplace, creaky stairs and lovely old paintings. Yep, we are very lucky. The setting is high on a hill overlooking the farms and rural life which remains pretty unchanged over the centuries.

I did several drawings at Chanaz, the village with a working canal through the middle. The colour went on at the time so they were ready for our evening ‘show & tell’. The weather is finally sunny, so we look to be using the blue paint from now on and putting away the grey,

More when I can. Hope everyone is keeping up the good work.


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  • Yes, we are working hard Erin! You are not so far away from Courchevel which I know – albeit deep in snow. Hope you are having a great time. Interesting acrylic and from your comments outside your usual milieu. The glazing sounds interesting and I hope you will post more about this in due course

    • I will talk more about the layers and glazes sometime if you are interested. I was thrilled by the antique look of the colours on the work. I am now using layers on my watercolours while travelling and I love it, plus that loose border to contain the painting. The difference when you see the white border around it shows the colours off so well.

  • I love this one very much, you so perfectly painted the sunlight by letting the white do it’s job, another wonderful painting! Have a great time with your husband, love, Andrea

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