Daylight Artist’s lamp for Autumn days

Daylight Artist's Lamp
Daylight Artist's Lamp

Now that it’s Autumn, days cam be a little less bright.Time to switch on the new Daylight Lamp.

I was very lucky that the Australian Sales Rep for The Daylight Company, happens to pass my Studio quite often. Pierre-Louis called in one day and in his charming Paris accent, showed me the product and  asked  if I’d like to try one. Just see what I thought. Give it a whirl. Test drive it.

Oh okay then. Twist my arm a bit more. Why not. So I’ve installed it above one of my easels and can use it for the days when clouds are grey and light a little muted.

It’s a beautiful and  quality product. I would have looked for something like this but have been saved the problem.

I see Jana of Berkeley is very pleased with hers too.

Definitely worth having if you need added light in your Studio. Most of the time I’m very lucky my Studio is bathed in natural light, but there are always times you need a little help. I think this is the answer. From The Daylight Company.


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