‘Cutting Loose’ Erin Hill Exhibition at The Bathers Pavilion

Wednesday March 4 at 6.30pm.

Glenys and I launched our 3 yearly exhibition at the fabulous Bathers Pavilion, Balmoral Beach.

People were quite surprised that I, being a sketcher is showing very large works, and Glenys who usually has big works, had gone tiny.

The whole thing worked brilliantly. We hadn’t seen each others paintings till the day of hanging and we were so excited to see how well our colours worked together. So everything was grouped to enhance the colour of those around it.

As I said in my introduction, Glenys and met over 30 years ago when they moved to Mosman. We’d caught up, discovered we both painted and never looked back. We had our last exhibition together at a little Federation building which used to be opposite Balmoral Beach and is now apartments, 30 years ago.

Since then we’ve both travelled and painted in Greece, France, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. We’ve both moved into simpler shapes and tighter compositions. I’m enjoying how far I’ve cut loose and gone ‘less is more’. Enjoy the show.

On all March and April ’15. Open 7am till very late at night.

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  • Hi Erin
    Just got back from Melb and Adelaide and will be popping in to Bathers soon to see your exhibition.Like the Big sketches that I caught a glimpse of.

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