Cropping Choices

Kiosk - Square Crop
Kiosk - Square Crop
Kiosk- Landscape
Kiosk- Landscape
Kiosk- Portrait
Kiosk- Portrait

This is just an experiment to see if any of these work.

The previous finished line and watercolour painting had an excellent comment from Noel, about a distracting window to the left of the composition, so I’ve gone a bit nuts here, playing with various cropping choices.

I think it’s possible to do this to paintings or drawings which don’t appear to be working. There will be a portion which is working fine, so it can be worth cropping that area and ditch the rest.

Easier said than done, but an intriguing exercise.


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  • I like the square crop, Erin. The tree in particular is excellent. When I click on your pictures a much larger version pops up. How did you do that?

  • Thanks Noel, I’m glad you do. It’s interesting to have tried various ways, but I think square works best.
    Well how interesting about the enlargements. I didn’t realise you can’t do that. I must see if others can. I can’t give an exact answer, but when posting I upload the jpegs and choose ‘medium’ size, before I do any words.I do the title and go to the bottom and post each picture. Then I get the cursor down a bit and start writing. Wondering if the size I choose means there’s room for enlargement.
    Otherwise you could send a question off to ‘support’and see what they say. Be interested to know how you go. Cheers.

  • This was really interesting exploration to see (and a really fun painting). It’s a luxury one has with watercolor that is much more difficult with oil painting on canvas. It was a big shock when I started doing oils that you actually have to get the composition right the first time since you can’t just crop/mat differently.

  • Hi Jana, Yes, you are right, it is easier with works on paper. I have talked with oil painters who’ve taken work off the stretcher and put it on a new one to get the best crop. Most wouldn’t bother. Just do a new one which gets the composition right. Cheers,

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