Courage & Creativity – Erin Hill Guest Speaker

I’m part of something new. ‘The Women’s Empowerment Group’.

A quiet moment before - Erin
A quiet moment before – Erin
Erin guest speaking in the Meditation space
Erin guest speaking in the Meditation space
6.30 - 8.30pm Look who's on!
6.30 – 8.00pm Look who’s on!

We started it after a previous symposium on creating awareness of girl babies aborted before birth mainly in India.

My friend Vicki Grace had been part of a very moving Art exhibition at Conny Dietzschold’s Crown Street, East Sydney Gallery, a few months prior, helping to draw attention to this appalling situation and we’d all been at the Symposium the same week.

This just  seems so overwhelming and one wonders how can our tiny voices can ever do anything to stop this practice.

We’d been discussing ways in which women can help other women to know they have a voice – if they only believed they do.

From there the idea came of having regular get togethers at the Meditation Space above the gallery.

And it’s been going really well, with invited women from all walks of life, with interesting experiences to share, speaking each time about their own journeys and how they can inspire other women to find their voice.

‘Courage and Creativity’ was my subject for the Wednesday Dec 6 Group.

The way it goes is like this.

You arrive in the meditation Space which is very calming and beautifully candle lit. You take off your shoes and quietly take a seat and close your eyes.

All the noise and day’s activities seem to float away.

Conny introduces everybody to the guest speaker and then Vicki begins by explaining our connection.

I then talked about various pathways I’ve been on over the years, one leading to the next, sometimes unexpectedly and some with surprising outcomes.

My painting journey is part of my whole life story. That thread has led me through a highly successful Arts career, where I can now give back knowledge gained, to others finding their way –  through sketching.

My blog has been an important way to connect and share with some marvellous women around the globe.

Some of my sketchers are finding new dimensions in their lives, new strengths and empowerment to make changes.

That is what happens when you discover you CAN do something you didn’t believe possible.

This gives you a new strength to look at other parts of your life, and you’ll find this has an effect on everybody around you. A very positive effect.

It is such a great feeling. Yes you can, yes you can.

Small steps.

Take a good look at the new stronger you.

Welcome to your new world.

You are already making a difference.

Thank you to Conny for this opportunity,  and to everybody who came, and for the gift of a tiny book by Dadi Janki called ‘Feeling Great’.

Yes I do.


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