Corner Flowershop

Flowers, Pittwater Rd
Flowers, Pittwater Rd

Back to my sketches. Working to gather a nice cross-section of  ‘Homes, Gardens & Vistas’ for my exhibition starting Sept 2nd. Our Open Day for everyone to pop in and see the show will be on Saturday Sept 3.

This corner Flowershop just down the road from my Studio, was a must for my sketch collection. Great eye appeal, as in classic small building with potted shrubs at the front door, and an old bench displaying big bright orchids and spikey palms. Inside, roses and peonies, pansies and sweetpeas, and aromatic lilies spill over their buckets making it impossible not to be drawn in.  Add a bicycle leaning outside and you’d have your classic French postcard.

The corrugated iron roofline connects it to a row of neighbouring cottages, and look to have been some of the first residences along this part of Pittwater Rd, just a stone’s throw from the beach.


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