Coffee Time in Kurrajong


Coffee Time, Kurrajong
Coffee Time, Kurrajong


Time to deliver the Kurrajong client orders. Not a big street and almost opposite each other but with very different customers. Neither have the same designs and nobody has this new one or the next one –  yet.

Decided as soon as steeping out of the limo, that coffee was pretty high on the priority list. Vital actually. I’m much nicer with some caffeine in the veins. Addicted. Sure. And very fussy.

Wrapt Gifts & Cafe wasn’t open last time. However today it was, so Virginia and I tied the 2 dogs to a picket fence, meandered through the cafe and chose a nice ‘little homemade something’ to go with our coffee on the balcony. After a while, decided that there was a sketch at the front, and looking along the little street. Seemed like a good plan so Virginia sat at the street front  cafe tables with Gigi and Amelie, while I did this sketch. Don’t you just love the ‘Friendly Grocer’ sign over the road!

Did another sketch later of a couple of little old cottages I’d wanted to do before. Watch this space.


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