ErinHill Travel Sketching with Tony McNeight

Our foundation classes at ErinHill Studio show you how to Travel Sketch – that’s what we do. Rather than a drawing, illustration or painting, a sketch is an impression. Those first spontaneous lines as you see them in the time you have. There’s no right or wrong.

I’ve designed a unique teaching system which will get you sketching a simple impression within a very short time. Travel Sketching means being on the move. That means time is limited.  We teach you to sketch a quick impression of the world around you, anywhere, anytime and in the time you have. You may have only a few minutes but it’s enough time to get some quick shapes down. Now go catch your flight.

There are 3 parts to our weekly classes. We begin in the Studio with warmup sketches, go out on location sketching our subject of the week, and complete the class in a different cafe each week. We work through a program over the term to give you the core skills needed. You’ll also learn to apply colour in a very simple way. Rather than teaching you to paint, we show you how to apply loose colour to a confident sketch.

Anybody can learn to sketch with the ErinHill system. Leave your fears at the door. We will show you step by step how to go about it. Before long you will seeing the world in a new way.



Term One 2016.

TUESDAYS 10AM – 1PM. 10 week term starts February 9 – April 12. FULLY BOOKED

SATURDAYS 10AM – 1PM. 10 week term starts February 13 – April 16. FULLY BOOKED

Waiting list only.


Term Two 2016.

TUESDAYS 10AM – 1PM. 10 week term starts May 3 – July 12. FULLY BOOKED

SATURDAYS 10AM – 1PM. 10 week term starts May 7 – July 9. FULLY BOOKED


Term Three 2016

TUESDAYS 10am – 1pm  26 July – 27 September  Bookings Open

SATURDAYS 10am – 1pm  30 July – 1 October  Bookings Open

Term Four 2016

TUESDAYS 10am – 1pm  11 October – 13 December  Bookings Open

SATURDAYS 10am – 1pm  5 October – 17 December  Bookings Open



10 Week Term – $380 + $140 Sketch Kit (all inc gst)  Total $520



Includes: portable travel sketch kit (with selected colours), sketch pens, chinagraph,watercolour pencils, waterbrush, sketchbook, and sharpener. Click her to see the kit



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