ErinHill Sketch Workshops 

My next Travel Sketching Workshop will be in Boston, MA, USA

May 14,15,16th 2014.

3days from 10am – 1pm each day.

Cost $US 300 for 3 days. Single days $US 150.

We start at the South end, which is an interesting, historical part of town that is very sketch-worthy. Lots of beautiful brownstone buildings and community gardens. Gaslight Brasserie looks a fab place to start.

There is Beacon Hill (long established beautiful neighbourhood, cobblestone streets and close to Boston Common park)

We can decide on any of the following if time permits.
North End (Italian district,  lunching at  Caffe Paradiso for Cannoli)
Cambridge (tours of Harvard and MIT, lunch at Tatte bakery)
Brookline (visit Zaftigs for brunch, tour of JFKs childhood home)
Remember, everything is a sketch, from putting on your shoes, your first coffee, things on the street or in the park – everything large or small.

About ErinHill Sketch Workshops: 

It’s all about Travel Sketching.

Observe, see the shapes, get it down fast, move on. Enjoy.

No experience needed. You’ll learn on the day.

My teaching philosophy is to get you sketching just your impression in a very short time. We are not looking for ‘perfect’ in fact imperfect has far more character. It’s not even about talent, it’s how you see. I teach you all the above skills which will actually stay with you forever.

You’ll find the way I teach to be very ‘stress free’ and we have a lot of fun while learning.

You are doing it entirely for your own enjoyment, no expectations, just however it turns out.. We don’t need anyone else’s approval but our own. It’s not commercial and we don’t tear anything out or even give them away. They are part of your journey and stay there in your book, signed and dated to be a reminder of some lovely moments forever.

We love laughing about the funny things we put down. The ‘oops’ moments. It simply doesn’t matter. We just add a few more lines and it’s fixed. You’ll find sketchers are delighted to share your ‘aha’ moments. They’ll praise you highly when they see your first efforts. And you’ll do the same for them.

We start the Workshop in a cafe or a place where we can all be seated together, with a still life I’ve setup. Within the first hour you will learn the early skills of ‘how to see’, how to get your first lines on the page where you want them, and how to use colour.

We are then out on location, sketching a subject for the day. You are using exactly the skills you’ve just used in the cafe sketch. You’ll also get some colour on while there – under a tree, leaning on a lamppost etc.

We then head to a cafe (may or may not be the same one) to complete our work, have coffee or lunch and perhaps do a food or cafe sketch.

What you’ll need:  When doing a series of 3 classes within a Workshop, I suggest the 1/2 kit.  This has everything to get you started. Though we can add the watercolour paints from class 2, that’s the Full Kit  if you’d like to. There is a lot to take on board when you are new to sketching. I’m very particular about what we use. No pencils, erasers, rulers. You’ll be sketching only with a black pen. Its called committment !!!  Who’s got time to rub out anyway!

I’ve designed the kit to be small, lightweight and fit easily within your shoulder bag. You are Travel Sketching remember. You only need a few things which we can pull out in a moment. The half kit has an A5 ringbound sketchbook, ( good to fold back and easier to hold ) a set of 4 black drawing pens, a set of 12 Staedtler Noris Club Watercolour pencils, a water brush and a sharpener. You do not need anything more – it’s just extra stuff to carry around.

The full kit has the additional Cotman’s Pocket Plus Watercolour set. I do take out some of the pans from the original set and replace them with my preferred palette. I’ve found the colours which mix best together to give you simple and clear colour. Remember we are not colouring in or painting. We are merely indicating colour. Sometimes just a dash of it. It’s a sketch, an impression. That’s all. We then move on.

If you’d like to join us.  Booking Form_Boston Sketch Workshop