‘Visitors to Sydney’ Sketch Classes.

Mondays 9.30am – 12.30pm. By appointment only.
(You are welcome to enquire about other dates if Mondays don’t suit)

Sketching Manly or Sketching Sydney

$295 for one person for one class.
Includes use of Full Sketch kit for the lesson, tea or coffee.

$250 pp for each extra person. ( Great for visitors, family or friend groups )
Includes use of Full Sketch kit for the lesson, tea or coffee.

Many people visit Sydney from other parts Australia or the world.
Sometimes  to see family and friends, or maybe a just wanted to ‘see’ Sydney.
Many ask how they could have a few sketch lessons while here.
With this in mind we’ve designed a series of classes to give you a taste of our step by step foundation skills, and show you how to sketch those iconic Sydney locations.

These are 3 hour classes.
Manly classes start at 9.30am in the Studio at 97 Sydney Rd Manly.
Sydney classes start at 9.30am at The Tea Cosy Cafe,  33 George St The Rocks.

We then sketch on location, and complete the lesson somewhere for tea or coffee, as our weekly classes do.

You may choose the number of classes you’d like to take.
You can choose to have the lesson for yourself or as a private group lesson for friends.

We’ll cover some of the foundation skills with each class you do, but always begin with the ‘How to See’ class.
This will you help you get a good start to becoming a sketcher the Erin Hill way.
You’ll learn enough to carry on sketching wherever you may travel.

We’ll include use of our customised Sketch Kit to use on the day.
If doing a series you may like to purchase our customised sketch kit.

Classes focus on one of the following each time.

*How to See – always your first class
*Colour with Sketching
*Trees and gardens.
*People made easy.
*Sea and sky.
*Beaches and boats
*Looking at Perspective
*Composition in Sketching

Please email for a booking  and a booking form. erin@erinhill.com.au