Recipes/Photos/Memorabilia/Sketches – anything you like.

A Workshop,  with optional follow-up home support, on self-publishing for beginners.

Monday Workshops:  10am – 3pm 

We are using our sample 17cm square book by Toni, our senior Sketch tutor  & book publisher (and our course Tutor),  as a guide for our own first book.

Getting Organised

Have you what seems like hundreds of sketches in your sketch books?

Would you like to create a beautiful personal collection of your favourite sketches?

This is a fantastic Christmas Gift idea for friends and family.These books always have a ‘wow’ factor.

This is a practical course for first timers, with technical and creative support to publish a bookstore-quality book using Blurb Books, in a fun supportive atmosphere.

Beautifully designed, bookstore quality printed photobook where you can showcase your favourite sketches. See the work in progress with our students.

You don’t need much sketching experience at all. If you have a laptop you’ll be fine. You’ll also have basic computer skills.

Keeping it Simple

We keep it simple for your first book, by using a small 17cm square format, with glossy cover and high quality matt finished pages inside. This book has 20 pages.

You’ll need at least 40 sketches, and more if you want to arrange small ones together on some pages. You’ll see in our sample book many different ways to plan your pages. There are some on strong coloured backgrounds, some with simple borders, others filling the whole page.


About the course

Group size:  – 1 – 6 students

Course Tutor: Toni Konijn – Book Designer at Toni is a sketcher, SketchTutor, and produces bookstore quality books for family homes, weddings, holidays, memory/family history books and special occasion coffee table books

What to bring:  Sketch books, iphone,and/or digital camera,

Cost:  $150 which includes classes, support and class material.

Where: At Toni’s Mona Vale office.

Book now or ask any questions: