For those who cannot attend our regular weekly classes, or our Monthly Sunday Workshops, we offer private lessons.

Travel Sketching is about getting your impression down in the time you have available. We teach you how to observe and plan your page, then add a dash of colour.

We will loan you the sketch kit for the classes, which you may later choose to buy for yourself, to continue travel sketching.

In our first lesson you will learn to sketch a still life setup and apply a little colour, using watercolour pencils to great effect.

In following lessons we will continue the observing skills and use watercolours to apply colour with our unique portable set.

Let us know your timetable and we will arrange a tutor to take you through our first steps to becoming a Travel Sketcher.

Click here to see our custom designed Sketch Kit


$295 pp for 2 hours.    We loan you the sketch kit for day (value $150)