ERIN HILL is an International Sketch tutor who has developed a way of teaching you ‘to see’. To put down an impression as you see it in the moment. Perfect? never.

About Travel Sketching

Anybody can learn to sketch with the ErinHill approach! Leave your fears at the door. We will show you step by step how to go about it. Before long you will seeing the world in a new way.

These are not your traditional drawing, illustration or painting classes. Rather a sketch is that simple impression, as you see it in the moment, no matter how wibbly wobbly!  No right or wrong. We have a way of leading you step by step through a program which will have you sketching in your first lesson.

We also get you to work quickly. Time is always limited when you travel so we teach you to sketch in however little time you have. No previous experience needed. Lots of laughs and lots of fun.

If you haven’t sketched with us before, join our Workshops in July, August and September 2018. Please feel free to contact me about Travel Sketching.

We have Art Schools in Australia, New Zealand, Sth East Asia, France and soon Boston and New York City.

Our EHS Travel Sketching Holidays take place each year in places such as France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Greek Isles, USA and Fiji. Do join us for an amazing experience with new friends and sketchers.