Class Plan
term 3, 2018

Winter edition

Subject: View from Manly
Meet: Studio. Warmup exercise in tone using sepia pens and watercolour
On location: Manly Beach, view to Shelly Beach or Manly Cove view from Manly Wharf Hotel. Sketch wide view, tutor choice weather dependent.
What are they learning?: Consider composition, which elements are pleasing or necessary. Balance detail with simplicity. Quick sketch, one colour, importance of tone for depth and detail
Materials: Sepia pen & watercolour pencil and sepia/brown aquarelle
Cafe: Hemmingway

Week 1. Vistas & tone

Subject: Iconic Manly Round House (Address TBA)
On location: Pittwater Road and Carlton Streets
What are they learning?: Simple travel sketching, sketch looking for main, shapes & shadows, apply only three colours. Use foliage to frame your composition.
Materials: Pen & watercolour and water brush, limited palette- yellow ochre, Ultramarine blue and cadmium red
Cafe: Assembly Label

Week 2. Archi-tecture & limited palette

Subject: Boat shapes and capturing reflection
On location: Clontarf Marina
What are they learning?: Sketch with brush and water colour for a loose impression. Sketch boats and reflections using watercolour only, then pen and water colour for second sketch.
Materials: Pen & watercolour
Cafe: Sandy Bear, Clontarf

Week 3. Boats & water

Subject: Variety of techniques to render stained glass
Studio: Warm up: Stained glass from photos, chinagraph, white gel pen, aquarelle and coloured gel pens, watercolour
On location: Sketch interior stained glass at St Matthews on The Corso Manly
What are they learning?: Variety of techniques to render stained glass when traveling
Materials: Pen & watercolour/aquarelle
Cafe: Three Beans

Week 4. Stained glass

Subject: Motorbikes
On location: Harley Davidson, Brookvale
What are they learning?: Simplifying complex machinery using continuous line, main shapes and bold brush strokes
Materials: Pen & watercolour, continuous line, black brush pen
Cafe: On location

Week 5. Machines

Subject: Juxtaposed colour, shape & texture
On location: Matt Blatt North Manly (Address TBA)
What are they learning?: Everyday objects as sketching inspiration. Sketch compositions with surprising objects, soft with hard, shiny with dull, complementary colours
Materials: Free Choice
Cafe: Roseberry Street Café, North Manly

Week 6.
Still Life

Subject: Students bring in objects with reflective qualities, glass, metal etc
Location: Studio
What are they learning?: Still life and studies of different ways to render reflections, chinagraph, leaving whites, reflected colour
Materials: Pen & watercolour, chinagraph and white gel pen
Cafe: Butcher’s Café, Fairlight

Week 7.
Transparen-cy, GLASS & SHINY OBJECTS

Subject: Fresh flowers
Location: Studio or Flowers on display at Emporio, Manly or Harris Farm
What are they learning?: Watercolour wet on wet technique. Aquarelle to sharpen detail
Materials: Aquarelle & watercolour
Cafe: Emporio Manly or Charlotte’s Cafe

Week 8. Flowers & impression-ists

Subject: Found seeds, leaves, pods
Location: Studio
What are they learning?: Pen line weight, hatching for tone, white pen for highlights
On location: Local Park
Materials: Black ink and twig, pen & white gel pen
Cafe: Girdlers

Week 9. Nature & toned paper