Church on the Hill

Church on the Hill
Church on the Hill

Another Winter painting. A 24 X 20 inch acrylic on canvas. But wait, you say, nobody swims and surfs in Winter! Well they do here.

A most glorious afternoon. Winter can be like that. A perfect Summer day without the humidity. A few people wandering slowly along the sand. Seagulls wading in the stream trickling down to the sea. Some brave souls splashing about in the waves, and some on the beach – thinking about it.

Anyway, from here you can see St Patricks high on the hill. The same St Patricks we see across the bay from our place. It’s quite intriguing to me, that wherever you are in Manly, it always seems to be on the horizon.

I still seem to be very keen on the soft colours and lost edges at the moment. Another to begin tomorrow.


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