Christmas Eve Moments

Christmas Eve Moments
Christmas Eve Moments

The Sun is out. Perhaps beginning to go down. It is 6.22pm.

What a difference the sunshine makes. This is the day before Christmas. People go at dawn to the Seafood market, as fish and Seafood is one of our revered Christmas Day meals. Of course we still follow tradition and  have Turkey, ham or Roast Pork. I know all will be on offer at our Family lunch tomorrow. We even have plum pudding with all the trimmings. Usually it’s sweltering outside but we must stick to tradition or else. Of course it’s nuts but we so look forward to it.

But now as the afternoon passes into evening, The shadows are getting long, the birds are tweeting, cicadas singing and the big Garden Orbweaver waits in his web as it swings in the slight breeze. That spider has the best view in Sydney. He seems to do well judging by the size of him.

The chattering excited children seem to be inside now, all being bathed and getting ready for bed. And if like I was at that age, a 4am wakeup to see if Santa has been.

Mostly our work is done, wrapping and cooking. I took some time out to sketch some little moments that appeal to me. I’m not attracted by the buildup and stress that can come with Christmas. I do however notice the little things. The couple having coffee on a park bench with their santa hats on. People meeting on the pathway and having loads of laughs. White cloths spread on Park picnic tables and champagne for the family,  Cars being loaded with Christmas packages. The sound of Christmas music. The Church bells ringing.

Well it’s now a perfectly hot Christmas Day. Clesr blue skies, sweat dripping as one tries to finish the contributions to the family lunch. Nicky our ‘bride to be’ stayed over so we toddled down to beach first thing for a splash about. Milton said he’d come if we weren’t doing serious swimming!

A quiet moment, a cup of tea, before we hit the traffic and cross the city for the first of 2 events with more food to consume than we normally do in a week.

Have a great day everyone. We’ve started ours and yours is coming soon.  XXXXXX


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