Christmas Cakes & Cards

So it’s our last week of classes. Hard to believe. We have such an absolutely glorious time together and everybody has bonded through our love of sketching.

I wish to thank everybody for the compliments and comments I have received from you, about how it makes a difference in your lives. Believe me, it’s you who have changed my life. I can’t wait for 2013.

Here is what we did this week.

Thurs. Dec 13 '12. Cakes & Christmas
Thurs. Dec 13 ’12. Cakes & Christmas
 Sketching our lunch at Hemmingways Cafe.
Thurs Dec 13 ’12.  Sketching our lunch at Hemmingways Cafe.
Fri Dec 14 '12.  Squishy cakes and Christmas cards
Fri Dec 14 ’12. Squishy cakes and Christmas cards
Fri Dec 14 '12. Sketching at Hugo's
Fri Dec 14 ’12. Sketching at Hugo’s

We kept it pretty relaxed for the last classes of the term. Instead of being Mrs Bossyboots – ‘Hurry up, your flight is leaving’ etc I decided we’d have longer in the Studio to do our cards or cakes, which was nice.

A couple of people who couldn’t make it last week were doing little sketches on greeting cards, while the others did cake portraits. Not as easy as you think. Food can look pretty unappealing if you don’t keep it light and bright. Grey just doesn’t whet the appetite somehow.

Nobody had any trouble with that though. A bit of extra colour or some hundreds & thousands pops the colour out and you could eat your page.

Thursday we decided to do Hemmingway’s cafe. A bit eccentric but we love it, and the food was definitely a sketch. We’d never had dehydrated pear before. Really tasty. Looks like fetta. Yum.

Friday was Hugo’s of Manly on the wharf. Crazy time of year to be turning up at one of the more popular Christmas lunch venues, but as always we get the exact spot that suits us. They are famous for their thin pizzas with imaginative toppings, and together with a pear, rocket and parmesan side salad you have a terrific lunch and bonus sketch.

Of course last night was our End of year Celebration in the Studio, which will be my next posting. Just getting all the pics together to share with everyone, and for those who couldn’t be with us. A fabulous night as you will see soon.




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  • Erin, I follow your sketch class and love it!
    I think you inspired me to sketch and use water color when we were at Chris Bell’s
    Art-Toscana. I just illustrated a children’s book that my daughter wrote and we self- published. I’d love to send you a copy.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Trisha ( Niki’s friend)

    • Trisha, How wonderful to hear from you. I often wonder what art journey everyone from the Art-Toscana trip is on. I would just adore a copy of your new book. I must say it was that trip which began my serious pathway into sketching and tutoring. I now paint more that way too. Do let me know how all the others are. Hugs to all. XXE

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