Chocolate as Art


Chocolate as Art
Chocolate as Art


Today was a wonderful day. Two important things happened.

1•  Joanna & Olivier arrived all the way from snowy Paris.    2•  They brought chocolate.

You could be forgiven for thinking that we in the colonies don’t get chocolate. We do but not quite the fine choice that came today. Joanna had been in Brussels on a ‘girls weekend’  and buzzed around some of the best chocolatiers there are. Of course her every thought was to bring a selection back to her needy folks at home in Oz.

I could see as each was brought out, that I’d like to draw them. This is seriously upmarket packaging. Very cool design and hardly a shiny airbrushed photo wrapper to be seen. Apart from a couple you would hardly know that this was CHOCOLATE.

We have  Coriandre du Laos by Zaabar. Two by Mary of Brussells ( the Royal family of choc since 1919). A Cranberry by Migros Bio of switzerland ( FairTrade logo).  Cailler of Switzerland has a Noir. Godiva of Brussells has a ‘Dark Choc’. Pierre Marcolini has Plaisir Breakfast and Plaiser Five O’clock. He’s my man, chocolate for breakfast is perfectly ok then.

Glad I did the drawing before going to dinner. Coffee on the balcony later was perfect with 2 squares of Mary Praline Noir. OMG life is good.

By the way, the Gardenia should be in a little specimen vase. Could that go on my Christmas list?


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