Champagne, Shiraz & Seaside Shelters


Whiteboard demo
Whiteboard demo

Wow did it rain yesterday morning. I normally don’t worry at all about rain as there’s always somewhere to shelter and sketch.

We would’ve been a long time in the Studio if that cloudburst had come down today.

However all was well. Everyone arrived dry and we hardly had a drop till almost time to head into the Greek Cafe at lunch.

I’d found 2 hand painted champagne flutes in a household cleanup recently. It’s amazing what people throw out, but these two spoke to me. Said take me back to the Studio and let people see how glorious we are.

So today we did just that. Alongside an excellent French champagne, and white grapes, our 2 sparkling flutes showed their true beauty.

On the other table were 2 gorgeous Waterford crystal goblets paired with a nice Shiraz with red grapes strewn casually about their stems.

It’s the elipse challenge. All the rounds and curves must be a little more so as you go down.


The shelters are iconic to Manly beach. Nice 4 sided structures with seating on each side, sunburst windows all round and a gable roof.

Watch for that eye level and take it from there.


Then to Ouzeria opposite. A lovely little Greek place with those yummy dishes so popular when you on a Greek Isle.

Jackie Sherwood, global sketcher at lunch with the Thursday Sketchers
Jackie Sherwood, global sketcher at lunch with the Thursday Sketchers

A bonus today.We were visited by Jackie Sherwood. Jackie is a well known painter and sketcher who is based in Greece. But on this visit to Sydney, instead of exhibiting, decided to have a wedding to her partner while here – why not!

So we were able to see photos plus her sketch book of travels through France, Greece and USA.

Very inspirational for all of us and we loved chatting about her sketching painting world.




What a glorious day. You just never know what you’ll get these days.

We had a great time checking elipses and being sure that what’s round at the top is also round at the bottom. It cannot suddenly flatten off.

We also observed that champagne bottles and red wine bottles both have a particular shape which is important to note.

Today everyone worked quickly and achieved 2 completed sketches, so we have a pic of both.


Down to the beach we went, and found good benches to park ourselves on, and sketch the classic shelters.

The perspective mantra must be sinking in as everyone can now find their eye level and work out which direction things are disappearing in.

We all found Cristina’s sketch amazing. Guess where she’d have been to actually see what she sketched.

But if it works on the page that’s all that matters.IMG_8559

We were right on the street at Ouzeria Greek cafe. Just the way the cafes are in the Greek Islands. You have your tasty lunch and dabble you toes in the aqua water right after.IMG_8557IMG_8555



It rained as people arrived, but as often happens, it stops as we head down the street and waits till we’ve sketched and are seated in the cafe before starting again.

It’s who you know up above.IMG_8561IMG_8564

Today we had frangipani with the grapes to make a small change to the champagne and red wine still life setups.

Everyone again completed 2, so i took 2 pics. The lighting wasn’t great so they are a little grey looking. Sorry.IMG_8569IMG_8576

Along to the quaint little shelters we toddled, found a seat and began observing. Where’s my eye level? Why does the roof go up when you say it’s going down. Oh and it goes away on that side too?

The little brains are having an issue. Sometimes what you think you see isn’t what’s happening at all.

It will happen once your brain and hand both click. After that the sketch will work.

Our Greek lunch was a delight, with colour being added and tasty dishes being consumed, and brushes being dipped in coffee!

Sometimes we forget to leave. It’s nice sketching in the rain with a like-minded group of people.



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  •   Hi Erin, all the sketches from your students are so inspiring and beautiful.I would love to do another class, i cant make the next hi  tea but if you have a casual vacancy in either the french or out about either one, i dont mind, please could you pencil me in and let me know and i can confirm with you soon. Thanks so much hope your enjoying the weekend that the ducks love too. Take care cheers micheline 🙂

  • Lovely sketches in pen and watercolour from yourself and your students, Erin. To be honest at first glance I thought they were all yours – so you must be teaching them well!

    • Hi Noel, Thank you for your comments. Actually the only one of mine is the whiteboard demo. I don’t compete with them and like them to be the stars. They all keep coming back so must be happy.

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