C’est notre dernière leçon de français aujourd’hui !

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Sketch&French. 9.30am Monday September 8 ’14

The students have so enjoyed their Sketch&French personalised classes, that we extended them by a few more.

Not everyone could come, but those who did are feeling the benefit of coming more often.

Were were in review, so there was a list of all sorts of simple but important sentences and phrases to repeat and ask each other.

We laugh a lot as we try for that throaty sound we have such trouble with! Why does it sound so ridiculous coming from us but not from Adeline or Sandrine. Mmmm.

Image 10

Sandrine had such a lovely sketch map of Paris for the students to locate major landmarks, when asked where to find them.

Yes there they were. Actually where they’ve been for a few hundred years. The heart of Paris stays as it was designed with it’s now wide boulevards and no skyscrapers.

This makes for a beautifully decorative city of a manageable size.

Image 8

As were were wrapping up, who should arrive but Adeline and bebe Juliette.

It was so lovely to have her meet everyone and we all got so excited about what we’ll be doing in Term 4, including some food tasting!

Adeline happens to be a very good French cook.

And so came to an end our Term 3 course. Lots of hugs and farewells and an enormous thank you to Sandrine who was so lovely and patient.

Without her we couldn’t have had our classes this term.

A votre santé !

Somehow with all the excitement we did do our sketches. Today we were looking at elipses and rounds, and getting our colour on leaving all those whites.

Now you see how they look like 3 dimensional in a very short time, rather then flat little French pots.

So it was au revoir till next term and we’ll carry on having a wonderful time learning both Sketching and French.

P.S. Our 5 week course in Term 4 starts Monday October 13 – November 10.

All bookings and Payments made before September 30 go in the draw to win a Private French Conversation lesson with Adeline. ( Value $150 ).

A bientôt.



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