Sketching Over Acrylic

I’m actually beginning to think about my exhibition at Bather’s Pavilion next year. No pressure at all. I’m even thinking about where my painting is going. Definitely down the sketching pathway methinks. Those above are ones where I’ve started with …

Acrylic with a touch of line

I liked the way the sea is a deeper colour, and waves come crashing over the rock ledge and over into the shallower rock shelf. I do love these rock water combos, and because it’s where I walk every day, …

It’s Up and Hanging

Well it’s done. The paintings are hung. The exhibition is ready. At The Bather’s Pavilion Balmoral Beach. So glad the Opening isn’t till Tuesday night. Time to tweek anything that needs it. I will even arrive refreshed and ready to …

Beach Sketches Manly

These are a few of my Manly Beach Sketches, done over the last year or so. I know I have others and as I locate them in my Sketch books, I’ll add them here for you to view. ©ErinHill2012

Ferries Passing, Balmoral

Well this is different. For me anyway. By using a sketch as the reference, which I’d done on location at Balmoral Beach, I decided to block it in using my acrylics straight onto 300gsm Arches Aquarelle. Interesting how you get …

Colour Intense Sketch

I’m trying some serious colour for a new series of sketches. Done on 300gsm Aquarelle Arches. Good solid strong colour. Mask off the area and get the acrylic paint ready. Because I’m looking through my sketches for good compositions I …

Pale Moon

I intended to show some sketches from our class visit to a very wet Cockatoo Island, but haven’t had a chance to tidy up the work for you. However for something that’s nothing to do with the above – I …

Tropical Manly 2

I seem to be on a roll at the moment. Another acrylic painting has just been perked up. Perhaps I’m clearer now about how I want these decorative acrylics to look. I didn’t think the softer colours worked as well …

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