Cafe Bouledogue

Cafe Bouledogue
Cafe Bouledogue

I needed a hit of caffeine after flying for 24hrs so wandered down Rue Rambuteau and found a quaint little bar/cafe of the very traditional french style which attracted me in. I might have sat outside at the cane  tables and chairs, but that’s where the smokers tend to be, sharing the aroma with one and all. The French do smoke, but somehow in a very short time they’ve banned it in restaurants. Tres bon.

Using my very best French, I ordered the cafe au lait and took up residence  at a table opposite the bar, with it’s brass trimmed counter and railing at the base. These places are mainly done out in brown wood with panelling and trim detail. behind the bar is the mirror with glass shelving displaying the varying shapes and colours of the bottles. Down below are all the little jugs, and cups, and glassware.

They have those brass ‘pull’ things for serving beer, and on the counter a potted palm which might even be real. Not sure if they do ‘plastic’ potted things here. I will look into that.

The brown polished tables are classic with the green studded leather chairs. I spent a while just taking in the atmosphere, and getting my head around the fact that I was here!!!

Drawing in public is a very accepted thing here. I can think of a few famous ones who did plenty of that!!  I just enjoyed doing this, and getting started on something straight away.

Overall it was a pretty full-on day, so after getting to the apartment I’ll be sharing with Glenys, I met Joanna (daughter) for b’fast before she went to work, in a surprising little hole in the wall, called Bob’s Kitchen. He’s an American serving organic food and juices. Just what I needed.

Actually got an appointment with my favourite hairdresser in the 11th arrondissement, so made a fast journey through the cobbled streets, past the little boutiques and cafes I remember from other visits, and had a lovely hour being spoilt. I really floated out of their, but did my food shopping on the way back to arr. 3 or I might not be eating.

What a party I had. Baguette, brie, strawberries, yoghurt. Later I jumped on a metro up to arr.19 to meet Joanna for a citron presse. Very interesting mix of people up there! Many cultures and customs blending to make an exotic experience. Some of the restaurants look amazing. I’ll try to get to some.

Hope you like this little work. It gets me started and we shall see what adventures I have today.


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