Brunch at ‘Burnt Orange’


Balcony, Burnt Orange
Balcony, Burnt Orange


I’d been here not long after it opened about a year back, and liked it a lot this time.

It’s officially the ‘The Club House’, the original 1920 Golf Club headquarters, on a magnificent headland overlooking Balmoral on one side, to Chowder Bay on the other, with vistas across to the city. The lovely old trees provide the stage setting for you to look yonder, or bush walk if you wish.

It’s now been renovated but keeping to the California Bungalow style, and opened all through for the cafe, restaurant, retail and kiosk.

Our table of 8 was alongside the railings nearest the view, ( that’s our noisy group at the far end ) and it does feel as if you are outdoors because the balcony is sooo wide. We all ordered from a very tasty brunch menu, and everyone seemed pretty happy.  In fact we had a waiter who could remember each and every order , even with changes, and didn’t write it down. We were amazed when everything came as ordered. Except one, for Virginia, who had said ” you won’t remember this” – and he didn’t.

Time to go, but of course with all that yummy retail all through each room, you simply cannot at least look. So we did, and guess who came out with a purchase! Not telling.




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